What courses I have taken so far

Course NameDuration (in years)
Playing Tombak And Learn Rythem5
Playing Setar1
Playing Tar7
Basics Of Solfege and Iranian Vocal Music1
Harmony, Counterpoint and music composing3
Film score master class1

What I have Taught

Course NameDuration (in years)
Tar and Setar1

Work Experince

YearColleagues or Composers
Composing and playing for “Mamilaria” theater
Playing for “Naneh Darya” theater
Composing and playing for the “Persian myths” documenatry
Playing in a music ensemble, leaded by Ali Ghamsari
Playing in “Tragedy Years” theater
Tar and Tombak Duet
Playing Tar in opening ceremony of “Persian Music Harmony” book
Playing Tar in “Sokhani Nist” concert
Playing in “Shiar 143” film
Playing in “Sweet taste of fiction” film
Plying in “Pop” film
Plying in “Mikhakband” album
Playing in the “Golestneh” ensamble
Playing Tar in “Nardoon” film
Music assistance in “Waking on the wire” film
Composing and playing for “Oveis” documentary
Music assistance in “Mahkoomin” tv series.
Music assistance in “Yellow Bar” tv series.
Composing and playing the “Unfinished Insanity” Album
Composing for “Return to home” tele-film.
Music assistance in “Confiscation” film
Music assistance in “Deldadegan” tv series
Music assistance in “Armando” tv series
Music assistance in “Close to autumn” tv series
Composing for “Kabood Mosque” documentary
Composing for “A girl with stone eyes” film.
Composing for “Jalal” tv series
Composing for “Grizli” theater
Composing for “Katooni Zerangi” tv series

Music Festivals

Festival NameYear
Achieved the second stage in “Shanaz” music festival1